Excited to formally announce here that I am officially a consultant of ETL Learning.

I have lost count of the number of times that I said this, in conversations, in social media and in my previous posts here.† If a thief ever comes to our house, the only thing of value that he will get will be our books.

My husband and I are both voracious readers.† We always agree that we donít need new clothes, new shoes or whatever random thing, but we will always be in need of new books. Well, not necessarily new, but we are always adding something to our library.† Our childrenís favorite day out would be when we go to a bookstore.† So we have been regularly going to book warehouse sales, or the Manila International Book Fair.

When we started living together, half of his belongings that went in to our little apartment were books.

Good thing that I have all my book collection back in my motherís house, otherwise, there would have been no space to move around in.

When I got pregnant with our first baby, guess what we first invested on?

You guessed it right! †Books!

The very first set of books we ever bought for our baby was Time Lifeís A Childís First Skills and Language Program, immediately followed by A Childís First Library of Interactive Learning, and finally, A Student Library.

I still remember that afternoon, when my husband excitedly came to my desk at the office and told me there was a lady outside selling books by Time Life.† At that time, we were already subscribers of Readerís Digest and Time Magazine, so when the lady from Time Life made a cold call at the office, I was truly interested.† The lady did her product presentation, and before she even finished, I already had my checkbook out.† I knew I wanted those books, not only for our baby, but for myself, as well.† There were a lot of information there that I still didnít know at that time, and I was thinking, I still have time to catch up on my reading before my baby is born and it becomes necessary for me to know these things.


This set has since been replaced by ETLís Early Learning Program, very much like an improved edition of what we have.† Ours are four sets of materials:† Rainbow, Alphabet, Numbers and Time.† Each set came with storybooks, VCDs, CDs, puzzles, workpads, posters, flashcards, and most importantly, the parentsí guide.

All our three kids had this set as their first learning guide.† And Iím really very happy to have the foresight of creating copies of the materials so all our three kids were able to use them.


After mastering the basic skills program, we moved on to the knowledge program, which is A Childís First Library of Interactive Learning.† Again, what ETL Learning offers now is a much improved version of what my children grew up with.